Private Painting Events

Special fun for your team

Learn to paint

Do something new

Enjoy good wine

Have fun

Painting in the dark

Guided paint workshop

Two hours of painting under the guidance of an art instructor. You decide how much creative freedom your team should get, all paint your company logo or let everyone paint something completely unique. 

private paint and sip event

Glow in the dark paint

The paintings become truly unique with neon glow in the dark elements. We’ll provide all the materials needed to create your teams' masterpieces. This also includes the apron so no one gets their pretty clothes dirty.

painting in the dark event

Have a glass

We ensure that there is plenty of wine & non-alcoholic drinks for your team to enjoy these two hours to the fullest. Special wishes concerning drinks or snacks can always be discussed. 

Socialize in a different way

Get to know your team in an entirely new way. The creative environment proofs time after time to be the perfect spot for having fun. Sure, the drinks, the host and the good music help too. 

paint and sip private event

Anne + 17 friends

“We do a monthly creative workshop with my friends and this has for sure been everyone’s favourite! Will be back!”

private painting in the dark event

Jessica – Deloitte

“We have quite a diverse team but literally every single person liked this activity. Good wine, music and just fun to do something creative.”

Practical information

2 Hours long

Good wine

From 10 people


Frequently Asked Q's

Rembrandt van Wine is an event filled with painting, sipping, socializing and having fun. 

Rembrandt van Wine is all about having fun, getting out of your comfort zone, learning something new in a judgemental free environment. 

There is not one fixed price for the private events. 

Factors such as number of people, date & time, type of snacks and more make the whole event either cheaper or more expensive.

Fastest option for you to find out how much a private event would cost you is by either sending us an email at or calling Steef at +31636093179. 

We can comfortably host 30 people at our own event location in Amsterdam-Zuid. 

In case of a larger group we can organize something together at an external location.

Smaller group? No problem, we host private events for groups starting at 10 people. 

Sport teams,  bachelorettes, corporate events, family outings, we have seen it all. 

Really there is no 1 type of group that we most organize most painting in the dark events for, everyone is welcome! 

Send us an email at and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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