Why we do what we do

Mission Solo

Whilst we are with so many in this world, there are still so many experiencing some sense of loneliness. This is not being alone we are talking about, there is nothing wrong with being alone (the opposite even). We want to help fight loneliness by bringing strangers together in a fun judgemental free environment. 

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Why painting in the dark

We aim to help people create new connections and that is simply much easier while painting. Even more so in an intimate dark environment where you are also served a glass of wine. The new connections might last a night, they might last a lifetime. Both are fine.

paint and sip bachelorette

A good time for everyone

Both meeting new people and doing something completely new (painting, in the dark) can be nerve wracking. With the right guidance from our host and art instructor we make sure to take away any nerves and create a super positive experience! For everyone.

painting in the dark


We always hold back spare tickets for people cool enough to come to one of our events alone. Yes, even when an event appears sold-out. So, if you ever feel lonely and want to do something, just shoot us a message and we will get you a ticket! During the event you will be placed at a table with others and there are cards laying around with icebreaker questions might you need it! 

paint in the dark Rembrandt van Wine

Mark. 26.

“Can’t go wrong with this one – free drinks and a bunch of people trying to have a good night!”

paint and sip in the dark

Jessica. 29.

“This was my first time painting since kindergarten and I loved it! Great staff, music and vibe”

Frequently Asked Q's

Yes, you should! 

We even hold some spare tickets behind for cool people wanting to come solo, just send us a message and we will get it sorted (even when an event appears to be sold-out). 

Rembrandt van Wine is all about having fun, getting out of your comfort zone, learning something new in a judgemental free environment. Riding solo is a big part of all that!

Rembrandt van Wine is a night out filled with painting, sipping, socializing and having fun. 

Rembrandt van Wine is all about having fun, getting out of your comfort zone, learning something new in a judgemental free environment. 

Rembrandt van Wine is definitely not your ordinary night out, it will be one to remember. Come give it a try!

Yes you can do this. 

There are two options here, you can either buy as many tickets as your group needs for one of the nights through our paint and sip event calendar.

We can also organize a private event just for you and your groups. Send us an email at info@rembrandtvanwine.nl with your group size, date and other important details and we will make sure to arrange something super special just for you and your group! 

Check our FAQ page where we answer even more frequently asked questions. Still can’t find the answer? Send us an email at info@rembrandtvanwine.nl.

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