Painting in the dark, what’s that?

painting in the dark

Don’t you need light to paint? Find the answer to this and all your other questions about painting in the dark here.

What is painting in the dark?

Painting in the dark in a unique type of paint and sip because it takes place with all the lights turned off. The good thing though, you won’t have to paint completely blind, there are black lights and using neon paint you will very well be able to see exactly what is on your canvas. 

The darkness does have some great upside to it, it creates an intimate atmosphere where people dare to paint more freely compared to a brightly lit atelier where regular paint & sips take place. The darkness also makes it easier to lay a connection with ‘strangers’ at the event. 

painting in the dark

How does a glow in the dark painting night look like?

It doesn’t differ all that much from your regular paint and sip except for the fact that the regular light is switched off. We wrote a whole article explaining the exact sip and paint concept into detail, but in short it comes down to this: 

  1. Arrival
  2. Welcome drink 
  3. Start sketching the outlines
  4. Add a layer of regular paint
  5. Add a layer of neon paint on top
  6. Add your signature
  7. The end

Clearly, it might differ from where you will be participating in the paint and sip but this is what you can expect when you join one of the Rembrandt van Wine paint and sip events in Amsterdam. Note: Not only the welcome drink but all of them are on the house.

Do I need painting experience to join a paint in the dark event?

No, absolutely not!

Whether you’re an amateur or a talented painter, everyone can participate! There is an experienced artist present to assist you create a wonderful glow in the dark painting. 

That same artist will also be able to help you master specific techniques if you have a bit more experience and are looking to step up your game.

painting in the dark

Can I organize a painting in the dark experience at home?

The short answer: You can. 

The long answer: It will be difficult. We don’t want to discourage you and surely if you want to you can make it happen but the reality is that you will need to buy quite a lot of stuff to organize a paint in the dark experience at home. 

There are some alternatives within reach. You can organize a normal paint and sip at home, still fun but a whole lot cheaper and easier to do. 

You can also choose to book a private painting in the dark event at an external location. This way you and your group can still be together but you can come and go without having to worry about either the preparation or the aftermath (cleaning really is not the most fun part of a paint and sip). 

What is the most fun paint in the dark in Amsterdam?

We just wrote a whole article explaining the differences between the two different painting in the dark events in Amsterdam, so be sure to check that one out if you want to dig into it. Don’t want to bother reading, find your tickets to the most fun wine and paint (in our opinion) in this painting in the dark event calendar

Fancy a ‘normal’ paint and sip, you can check out this article with the 5 most fun paint and sips in Amsterdam. 

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