Special painting in the dark experiences in Amsterdam

painting in the dark Amsterdam
All you need to know about 2 of the most special paint and sips in the capital.

What paint in the dark event is best for me?

That is something only you know, this blog is only here to show you the different options!

I hope this article helps in making up your mind and most of all I hope that no matter what you choose, you choose to visit a painting in the dark experience! I am hundred percent sure you will like it! Now, let’s get started! 

1. Rembrandt van Wine

painting in the dark
  • Pricing: 38,50 including all drinks
  • Duration: 2 Hours
  • Group size: 15-25 
  • Art instructor: Yes + a host present
  • Language: English + Dutch
  • Private group option: Yes
  • Website
Rembrandt van Wine is a painting in the dark experience with their art studio located next to station Amsterdam-Zuid. It is a huge advantage that they have their own permanent art studio, as upon entering you get immersed into the experience immediately. There is paint equipment everywhere, you get a nice branded apron, and the black lights are perfectly located to make each painting glow in the dark. 
Besides approximately 20 people joining the workshops, there are 2 people from Rembrandt van Wine present. There is an art instructor explaining the techniques needed for the painting of the day and there is a host to make sure you never see the bottom of your glass, play music and give everyone a good time. 
A particularly fun element was that somewhere halfway during the event we were all asked to compliment the painting of our neighbour. This just made it so much easier to talk away with the ‘stranger’ sitting next to you afterwards. 
Next to the regular, having tickets available to friend groups, colleagues, families, etc, they also fight to get more people to come to the event by themselves. They strive to fight the loneliness experienced by many people in Amsterdam by bringing people together and giving them a good time. 
But if you already have your group figured out you can of course also buy several tickets at once. You can even book a private event with them for team building events, bachelorettes or birthdays.  

2. Paint in the dark experience

paint in the dark amsterdam
  • Pricing: 42,- including 1 welcome drink
  • Duration: 1,5 hours
  • Group size: 30-40
  • Art instructor: No
  • Language: English
  • Website
Hosting their events at Clink Hostel in Amsterdam Noord this is the second painting in the dark experience in the capital. It is part of a global chain, hosting events from Sydney to Rio de Janeiro.
Where the main element, painting in the dark, is the same there are also a bunch of differences with Rembrandt van Wine. The group sizes are usually a bit larger, between 30-40 people, which also means that there is a little bit less guidance from an art instructor. I had already planned what I wanted to paint so didn’t need much guidance but I saw some other struggling slightly with how to get started. 

There is people walking around to help or in case you want to order another drink. This is another difference, you get only 1 welcome drink with the event and need to pay for any other drinks you take afterwards. Not a big problem but worth the mention. 

You can book your tickets through Fever, as this event ticketing website is the owner of Painting in the dark.  

What is a painting in the dark experience?

Maybe we should have started with this but better late than never. It is painting with the normal lights turned off and the black lights turned on where you use neon glow in the dark paint. As you can see on the pictures in this article the neon paint creates a spectacular effect shining brightly off your canvas. 

When the lights turn on again at the end of the experience you see how your creation looks like in the normal light, which is different but in no way less spectacular than with the lights turned off. 

Anyway, we wrote a whole article explaining what painting in the dark is if you are interested in finding out more. 

What makes for a fun painting in the dark experience?

painting in the dark experience

Taste differs but there are some very important factors that no one can deny.  

  • Drinks? Yes, it is important that there is the possibility to get a glass of wine to make your inner Rembrandt truly come out.
  • Art instructor? Yes, it is important that there is someone present to assist you with necessary techniques and tips to create a masterpiece.
  • Material? Yes, it is important that there are good paint, brushes, pencils and erasers available.
  • Atmosphere? Yes, very important that there is some nice music playing and that the organizer tries to make sure everyone has a good time.
  • Price? Yes, definitely important to not overpay for the event.
We checked the 2 painting in the dark experiences in Amsterdam on these factors while leaving also some space for the unexpected to play a role. Scroll up again to read our conclusions!

Why not do a normal sip and paint?

painting in the dark

Plenty of fun paint and sips in Amsterdam to choose from and in no way, shape or form do we want to say that this can’t be a fun activity. 

Painting in the dark just has this special something to it.

At first, the atmosphere in the art studio completely changes when the lights are switched off and you are immersed in the actual experience. It doesn’t only help to paint more freely but also to create connections with the people around you much easier. 

Next to that, the neon glow in the dark paint has a special effect on your painting. With the black lights turned on the neon will really pop off your canvas, which looks spectacular! 

Besides these differences there are also a bunch of similarities between the two. At both there is the possibility to actually learn to paint (if you want, at both you can also just paint away freely), there will be drinks, music and you will most certainly have a good time. 

Hopefully you try out a paint and sip in the dark at least once, you should. And when you do, I hope this blog was helpful! 

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