How to organize a paint and sip at home

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Always wanted to organize a sip & paint at home but don't know where to start? Find everything you need to know here!

What do you need for a paint and sip at home?

painting equipment

There is the obvious here, paint & sips, but also the not so obvious. Let’s go through the list: 

  1. Paint and sip kits: Invest in paint and sip kits that include canvases, brushes, easels, and a variety of paints. These kits are convenient and often come with step-by-step instructions on how to use them best.  If you take good care then you will most likely be able to use them more than once (except for the canvas of course).

  2. Drinks: Choose your preferred beverages for the “sip” part of the event. Wine is a popular choice, as most painters of the past most consumed wine too. There are some great non-alcoholic wines on the market too, if you don’t want to consume alcohol but still want to closely imitate an 18th century painter. 

  3. Protection: Wear aprons or provide old shirts to protect clothing from paint splatters. 

  4. A theme: Find a paint and sip tutorial online or decide on a theme for the painting session. For inspiration you could check out our paint and sip event calendar and select one of the paintings to replicate at home. 

  5. Music: Definitely something you can’t forget about, the music sets the vibe for your whole paint and sip at home event. Create a playlist or let your group decide the next song one at a time. 

How we know? We happen to organize paint and sips at our own location in Amsterdam on a regular basis, though they are a bit special, they are completely in the dark. Curious? Come and give it a try! 

How to host a DIY paint and sip?

sip and paint glow in the dark

Hosting a DIY paint and sip is a delightful way to combine creativity with socializing, here’s a script to help you host the perfect DIY paint and sip at home:

  1. Prepare: Ensure you have wine and paint party kits, including canvases, paintbrushes, and a variety of paints. Don’t forget aprons to protect clothing, drinks or easels either.
  2. Set up your space: Designate a well-lit and comfortable area for painting. Cover surfaces with newspaper or a disposable tablecloth to help yourself a big deal cleaning up after the event
  3. Welcome your guest: Play some background music, set a laid-back vibe, and remind everyone that the goal is enjoyment, not perfection.
  4. Paint & sip away: Generally a paint and sip event takes about two hours, but depending on the difficulty of the painting you choose you might want to shorten or lengthen the event. We also wrote a whole article to explain everything you need to know about paint and sip if you are interested in finding out more and wowing your crowd with a bunch of facts about paint & sips. 
  5. Clean-up time: After everyone finished their canvas it is time to clean up: Brushes in the water, easels back in a box and aprons in the laundry machine. Pro tip: Let your brushes soak in the water first before you actually start removing the paint, this will save you a bunch of time. 

Don’t feel like doing all this work yourself, but still want to enjoy a good paint and sip at home? Sip en Paint does all the hard work for you (and even adds a special cocktail on top) so you only have to the fun 4th step of the list.

What are some painting ideas for my home paint and sip?

You are lucky, because we have just the inspiration you need as we happen to organize a bunch of paint & sips ourselves as well. You can find all the different paintings we offer in our paint & sip event calendar, or (if you don’t like any of the themes there) see if any of the other paint & sips in Amsterdam do have something of your liking. 

Some examples:

neon african sunset painting

A particularly fun painting if this is your first time organizing a paint and sip at home. Rather easy, and lots of fun variations to create (just add some animals to it!).

starry night neon painting

Starry night must be an all-time favourite of those organizing sip and paints, it looks super beautiful and this easier version is actually not too difficult to do either. Remember, small brushes and small line strokes will do the trick here. 

abstract neon painting

An abstract painting by our very own art instructor Vita. You can closely follow the painting she created or go wild with it (why keep it to only 3 women?). Don’t forget the blue paint!

Where can I get the best wine and sip party kits?

There are a bunch of different sellers of DIY painting kits on the market, and they probably differ from country to country. If you happen to live in The Netherlands however, I can recommend this website

We will also start selling our own kits very soon! Interested? Send us an email on and you can be our very first customer!

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